• Account

    1. How to register?
    2. How do I log in?
    3. How do I log out?
    4. How do I retrieve my password?
  • Background setting

    1. How do I change the background?
    2. How to upload a custom picture as a background?
    3. I feel that the background image I uploaded is not perfect. What should I do?
    4. Why does the custom background image disappear after I log in with another computer?
  • Bookmark

    1. How do I add a new bookmark?
    2. How to modify the bookmark?
    3. How do I delete a bookmark?
    4. How to create folders?
    5. How do I move a bookmark out of a folder?
    6. How do I delete a folder?
    7. How to sort bookmarks?
    8. How to change the layout of the bookmark?
    9. How to change the color of the website name?
    10. How to hide the website name under Logo?
    11. How to modify website logo transparency?
    12. The logo of the website is not nice. How should I modify it?
    13. How do I open a website in the current tab?
  • Time setting

    1. Set the time display style
    2. Show/Hide time panel
    3. Set time format
  • Extension

    1. How to remove extensions from Edge(Chromium)?
    2. How to remove extensions from Chrome?
    3. How to remove extensions from Firefox?

Register an account

1.Click the button in the upper right corner of the page.

2.You can log in directly using your Facebook or Google account. (Recommend)
3.Click on the "Sign up" link to register a new account.

4.If it is a new account. Please fill in your email and password and click on the " Sign up" button。

5.Click on the top right corner to the same location to the icon. You can open the "Message Center", where you can view your information.